Lightning protection
Lightning protection

Let’s come together to control lightning

Lightning is one of nature's most common – and most destructive – spectacles. Around the world, there are over 3,000,000 flashes every day. That's around 44 strikes every second. And given that wind turbines are tall structures out in the open, they are especially prone to being struck by lightning.

What’s more, the increased use of carbon fiber in blades along with more and more electrical installations, such as de-icing systems, lights, sensors and communication systems, all intensify the havoc caused by lightning. 


To tackle this complex issue, we at Polytech decided to bring all hands on deck. So we have put together a team of experts from a wide range of fields such as high voltage and electromagnetism to engineering design, simulation, lightning tests, production, implementation and inspection.

And because lightning protection needs to be implemented into the design of the blade, we work closely with blade designers to develop an individual solution for each blade.  

This has made us leaders in 
lightning protection systems (LPS) for wind turbine blades.  

Lightning crashes  together, we’ll make sure your turbine doesn’t. 


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