Lightning Key Data System
Lightning Key Data System

Lightning strike monitoring to optimize wind turbine operation

Reliable lightning strike monitoring can optimize the maintenance of your wind turbine, reduce operating costs and increase annual energy yield.


Turn lightning into a flash of insight

Depending on the location, topography, weather conditions and tower height, the same wind turbine may be struck by lightning more than 25 times a year. And given the immense power that each strike packs, damage due to lightning is a major worry to wind farm operators. Even trickier is knowing when to keep your blades spinning and when to repair them. At least that’s the way it’s been up to now.


Advanced information on lightning characteristics

At Polytech, we decided there was only one thing powerful enough to challenge nature at its fiercest – information. If you know in real time exactly where lightning strikes, then there is no need to stop for inspection. You either keep your blades spinning because there was no damage, or you stop them to fix what you now know needs to be fixed.


By using the data from each thunderstorm and lightning strike, you are able to reduce your amount of maintenance. And, obviously, the better you are able to plan your maintenance, the more energy you are free to produce.


We call this the Lightning Key Data System, or LKDS. All data is stored in the cabinet and can also be accessed in a cloud application, allowing you to act instantly and make the right decision, based on solid insight.


The LKDS from Polytech is available for retrofit on existing turbines and is typically installed with a sensor in each blade and the central processing unit in the wind turbine hub.


Your added value at a glance

  • Robust design
  • Easy to install
  • Improved blade maintenance strategy

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